Author: Reggie Beason

Are You Considering Franchise Business Ownership As Your Next Career Move?

Have you gotten to that stage in your career where you are asking yourself…what’s next?  Building wealth for someone else?  Is it time to start building for yourself and your family?  Have you always had a deep-down feeling that one day you will be the boss and own your own business?  Is now the time?  When will there be a better opportunity?  

Taking the leap into business ownership is scary…there is no doubt.  But if you believe in yourself and you know that you will do all it takes to be successful, then I can promise you there is nothing more satisfying than running your own business (big or small) and succeeding. 

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of people starting a new business.  Why do they leave a secure job to start a risky business?  Why do they invest their life savings to purchasing a franchise?  The answer is fairly simple; it’s about the benefits, not the business!  If you are considering investing in a franchise now or in the near future, ask yourself this one question, “what benefits am I looking for in owning a business?”  If having the flexibility to watch your son or daughter’s soccer game is important, or having time to be part of all those special family moments are at the top of your list, then choose a business that allows for quality of life.   Maybe building an asset for future sale or something to pass along to your children is important, then look for a franchise that has a proven history and may be recession proof.   Becoming a franchise owner means that you are in business for yourself with all the support and back-up from a larger business who is dedicated to your success.

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Do What Others Won’t

Throughout my career (and especially now as a business owner) I find it inspiring to start each day with a positive idea and/or quote. Here’s what I found this morning:

Successful people do what unsuccessful people will not do. That means doing whatever it takes, especially in the beginning of your career. Har work, long hours, sacrificing personally; things you don’t want or don’t like to do, since these are usually the things that are necessary to learn and build a strong business.” – Esther Spina

Florida banks face conundrum to survive

As the number of Florida-based banks continues to dwindle, one analyst predicts the state’s banking sector will shrink to 100 banks within two years.  At the beginning of the year, 149 banks were headquartered in Florida. That’s down from 306 lenders 10 years earlier and 227 just five years ago. Bank failures — 72 in Florida since 2008, including nine in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties — and mergers/acquisitions have trimmed the landscape of independent banks.

Source: Florida banks face conundrum to survive

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Franchise – Part 1

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Franchise – Part 1

It’s a Saturday afternoon and you stop with your family to check out the new sub shop in your neighborhood. The sandwich is great, your family enjoys the visit, and you’ve dropped $50 for lunch. You’ve also noticed the line of customers and the number of employees, and think, “They are killing it! Maybe I should think about owning a franchise.”

Congratulations! You have an idea, or at least a first thought, about owning and running your own business. Then you start the Google searches and realize there are countless franchising options. Before you’ve even begun, you stop. How can anyone decide from so many choices?

That’s where I come in. Working with my network of experts and our resources, I work with motivated individuals to identify if franchising could make sense for them. Then we work through the sorting and discernment process. The good news is this:

  1. There is a process that works, and it makes what seems to be an insurmountable task – sorting through thousands of franchising opportunities – manageable, and even fun.  Envisioning a future of freedom, no longer an employee, but a business owner, is energizing for many people.
  2. My professional services are 100% free to you.   

Here is a quick overview of the first half of the process. (Part two is coming soon).

Initial Consultation. Is this for you? Before we start looking at franchise concepts, we spend time understanding and articulating your lifestyle, business, and financial goals. By using proven assessment and guidance tools, as well as honest conversation, I am going to work to know you and present franchise concepts that could appeal to you. Once we get that work done, and the effort to identify opportunities makes sense, we begin our eight-step process to find the perfect fit for you. (And no, they are not all sub shops!)

Step One – Start Shopping. We will start with a pre-screened list of hundreds of franchise concepts – out of a universe of thousands – from a wide range of industries. You will tell me what resonates with you and what leaves you cold. Also, if you are interested in a concept that is not in our inventory, we will still work together to help you use every tool at your disposal. This is about finding your perfect opportunity, not steering you or limiting your options.

Step Two – Funding Sources. Most people are surprised to learn of the many financing options available, including SBA loans, business loans for women, equipment leasing and more. Did you know that you could use your 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement accounts to fund a business investment without triggering a tax penalty? I’ll bring in the experts to explain.

Step Three – Compare Options. When our list of concepts is refined, we will dig into the details. What is the company’s financial condition? What is its track record? Is it growing? These and many other criteria become part of our selection process.

Step Four – Prepare & Inform Yourself. We work together to prepare questions you will want answered before you decide. Using my tools and resources, you will be fully prepared to engage the concept and to complete your due diligence.

Broken down into these steps, the franchising decision is systematic and thorough. If you have ever thought of investing in a franchise, don’t you owe it to yourself to use a proven system to evaluate your options and fully prepare?  This is too big a decision to approach without a plan.

In my next article, we will cover steps five through eight as well as some other ideas you can use to find your way to career independence.  Are you ready to get started before then?  Contact me today and schedule your Free Franchise Consultation